Recycle Information

We're excited to provide you the opportunity to recycle.  In fact, it's required as per your lease!  It's super easy but just in case you aren't familiar with recycling here are the basics:

MOST IMPORTANT - You cannot recycle Beer boxes or Pizza boxes.  They have to go in the garbage.

RECYCLE BINS go in the alley on Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings.

PLASTIC - If it has a number, any number, you can recycle it curb side.  Plastic bags can sometimes be recycled at the store where you got them (i.e. Walmart).  Or, better yet, find yourself some re-usable bags and skip the plastic ones altogether!!

GLASS - only clear glass can be recycled curbside.

CANS, PAPER, and most other cardboard can go curbside... EXCEPT NO BEER BOXES or PIZZA BOXES.

See the link below for more detailed information: