Move Out Info

Move Out Procedure

  • DAMAGE beyond normal “wear and tear” will be charged equally to each tenant at our repair cost, including labor, unless a specific tenant has been charged with such damages, in writing, with our approval.
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT REPAIRS YOURSELF If you have damaged your walls or doors, DO NOT attempt to repair yourself.  This could end up costing more when not done properly.
  • REMOVE ALL PERSONAL ITEMS, BOXES/BAGS, GARBAGE, etc. from the premises (inside, outside, and basements).  Think about what you will be getting rid of well in advance of actually moving out.

We will assume NO responsibility for personal property left in or around the premises.

  • LARGE ITEMS At this time, due to the Covid-19 Virus, the city of Mt. Pleasant AND Waste Management ARE NOT picking up large items.  DO NOT PUT ANYTHING AT THE STREET THAT DOES NOT FIT INTO A GARBAGE BAG AND INTO THE GARBAGE CAN RECEPTACLE.  You will be charged for extra removal.   If you have large items you absolutely cannot take with you, please contact me to see if we can make other arrangements.  Most leases go through mid-June so hopefully this situation will change by then.  If it does, depending on the size of the item, it usually will cost $15-$30 for large item removal.  You can purchase these tags down at city hall where you set up your water bill.  You can also call the City of Mt. Pleasant to ask how to go about purchasing a tag for your large items – 989-779-5401.
  • THINK OF PEOPLE IN NEED  The following items are accepted by the various local charities:  Unopened, non-perishable food items, Unopened cleaning products, Unopened personal products such as shampoo, Clean/unripped clothing, Furniture, Dishes etc…  Goodwill, Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity

Any charges incurred by us to remove items left in your residence will be taken out of your security deposit.

  • LEAVE A SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE so we can return your security deposit to you.
  • FORWARD YOUR MAIL and remove the tag inside your mailbox with your name on it.  Put a note in the mailbox that states your apartment is VACANT.
  • DISCONTINUE UTILITY SERVICES effective for the last day of your lease:

Electricity – Consumers Energy:  800-477-5050

Natural Gas – DTE Energy:  800-477-4747

WATER/SEWER – DO NOT CALL THE CITY FOR A FINAL WATER BILL, they will charge you an extra $15.   we will take a final reading of the water meter after the last tenant leaves and call it into the city.  The final bill will be sent to us, paid by us, and deducted equally from each tenant’s damage deposit.
  • REFER to the CLEANING LIST included in this packet.  This is the same list we provide our cleaning crew.  Use it as a guide to clean your apartment before you move out.  You paid a cleaning fee when you signed your lease.  Your apartment MUST be as clean as when you moved in to receive any amount of your cleaning fee back.


Please let me know your plans for vacating ASAP so I can begin making plans for the cleaning and repairs needed in each unit.
Damage Deposits will be mailed within 30 days of the last day of your lease, or mid-July.
You can call, text or email me if you have any questions.
Thank you for renting from Marshall’s College Rentals.  We wish you great success in your future!!
Michelle Buccilli