Cleaning Your Place

General Cleaning:
Wipe down tops of curtain rods
Dust ceilings for cobwebs
Wash all walls, remove nails, poster putty, tape, etc
Wipe down both sides of all doors
Dust/clean all non-upholstered furniture (dressers, table and chairs)
Wipe out kitchen cupboards, dresser drawers, and closet shelves
Wash down the tops of doorways, archways, windows, windowsills, baseboards, etc.
Wipe clean washer and dryer
Vacuum all edges around all rooms
Vacuum carpeted rooms and vacuum and mop hard surface flooring
Kitchen/Dining Room:
Wipe clean the insides and outside doors of kitchen cupboards, especially near stove
Wipe down table and all chairs/barstools
Clean stove – Clean under the stove top
Clean oven and storage drawer, some ovens are self cleaning
Clean stove hood
Defrost and clean refrigerator inside and out
Clean the seal on the refrigerator doors
Wipe clean the dishwasher, door especially gets dirty around edges and front surface
Clean the underside of the cabinets, especially near the stove
Mop hard surface flooring
Wash Walls
Clean bathtub/shower
Clean toilet inside and out
Clean vanity top
Vacuum/Wipe out drawers and vanity storage area
Dust vanity light fixture
Mop hard surface flooring
Pick up any garbage in the yard
Suggested Clean Products:
409, Bon Ami, Bar Keepers Friend and/or Clorox Wipes for counter tops, sinks and non-wood surfaces
Toilet bowl cleaner
Scrubbing Bubbles for tubs and showers
Kitchen degreaser for Stove, Stove Hood and kitchen cupboards near the stove
Vinegar and water for wiping down walls and baseboards
Murphy’s Oil Soap and water for wiping down dressers, kitchen cupboards and other wood surfaces